Indigenous Living Languages Schedule (Spring Term 2009)

April 14, 2009

Weekly meetings are held every Saturday at 12noon at the NAH, 35 North Main Street

Each group member will make a short 5-7 minute presentation on an issue relating to language (i.e. language and culture, language status, language policy and planning, language revitalization, language, society, government & religion, etc)

April 18: Navajo language learning tools and games (Jeremiah Watchman)

April 25: Group discussion on films as language resources; language movie commentary; setting phrases to melodies (tools for language learners). Visitor: Ada Deer.

May 3: *Date/Time Change* (Originally May 2) Overview of Alaska Native languages and status of languages; commentary for op-ed being developed (Tim Argetsinger and Anna Edwardson)

May 4: *SPECIAL* Linguistics and Native languages (in preparation for Canadian anthropology lecture)—led by Nacole Walker and Dewey Hoffman

May 9: Native Americans at Dartmouth Pow Wow weekend; roundtable discussion on language at work (things that are actually working) with Native alumni and current students

May 16: Green Key Weekend (meeting pending)

May 23: Language philosophies and resiliency (Liz Sumida Huaman and Tim Argetsinger)

SPECIAL EVENTS: Language and Native Foods Dinner at NAH TBA


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