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Turtle Island Painting

Turtle Island Painting

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• Non-native goes from two words to fluency. Saturday, April 17, 2010


– Submitted by Nacole Walker (Dakhota) ‘11


• Vanishing Words, Vanishing World: Generation gap strains efforts to save Lakota language Saturday, April 17, 2010


– Submitted by Nacole Walker (Dakhota) ‘11


• Only families can halt the breakdown of Native Culture Feb 1, 2009


-Submitted by Dewey KkoL’oh Hoffman (Tleyeegg’e Hut’anaa/Koyukon Athabascan) ‘08


•  Ninety percent of the world’s language may disappear inthe next century. Why does this matter? January 28, 2005


By Renee T. Grounds

This article is by Renee Grounds ’08 NAD who is working incredibly hard to advance learning for the Yuchi Language, her heritage language from Oklahoma.

Originally published by the Dartmouth Independent in January 2005.

-Submitted by Dewey KkoL’oh Hoffman (Tleyeegg’e Hut’anaa/Koyukon Athabascan) ‘08

• Indigenous rights (older news) and the UN:


-Submitted by Liz Sumida Huaman (Wanka/Quechua) ’98


• The Irishes 🙂


-Submitted by Liz Sumida Huaman (Wanka/Quechua) ’98


•  “Many indigenous languages of the circumpolar world are near extinction”

-Submitted by Tim Argetsinger (Inupiaq) ’09


•  “Dead languages?”


-Submitted by Aaron Sims (Pueblo of Acoma) ’09


• “Aboriginal director shoots sci-fi film in Tsilhqot’in language”



• Creating written Tsilhqut’in language a life’s journey




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