This page is the brainchild of Tim Argetsinger.

He writes, “If you’ve picked up any new phrases this week or are working to memorize new phrases, exclamations, etc., please pass the information along to me. I would like to compile a list of phrases that we can expand upon as a way of motivating one another to keep curious, no matter how incrementally. quyaanaq”




• Denaakkenaage’ – Denaakk’e words/expressions

Q Do’eent’aa?  How are you?
A Do’eelstaa’aa.  I’m alright.
A Eszoonh.  I’m fine.
A Ebaa esdlaanh.  I’m not feeling well. (I am hurting)

Nedaats’e ne’ooze’?  What is your name?
KkoL’oh se’ooze.  My name is KkoL’oh.

Debaa eey nedeLnekkaa?  Who are your parents?*
SedeLnekaa MOTHER yeL FATHER heelanh.  My parents are called MOTHER and FATHER.

Debaa eey neyeLneyoo?  What are your brothers and sisters names?
Sode’a Tara Gina be’ooze’ yeL Margaret be’ooze’ yeL Helena be’ooze’.  My older sisters’ names are SISTER yeL SISTER…(yeL means and)

Q DohUt’aanh? What’s going on?*
A DohUlt’aanaa. Nothing is going on.

Q Dont’aanh? What are you doing?
A AaLo kk’onesdoyh. I’m just walking around.
A Kk’onseneeyh. I’m working.
A Dolest’aanaa. I’m not doing anything.

Q Yeh edzoo hee’? Is it cold in here (the house)?
A Oho’, yeh edzoo. Yes, it’s cold in the house.
A Edzoo hooLdlaa’e It (place) isn’t cold.

Dzaanh nezoonh – Good day
Baasee’ – thank you
Oho – response to thank you/lit. Yes
Anii – come here
Kkaa’ – get! (shoo! would be english equiv)
Enaa neenyo – Welcome (lit. I’m glad you are here)
Gganaa’ – friend

L=barred l
U=barred u

Submitted by Dewey KkoL’oh Hoffman (Tleyeegg’e Hut’anaa/Koyukon Athabascan) ‘08




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