Our Languages

Welcom Wall in the Native American House

"Welcome" at Dartmouth's Native American House - Painted May and September '09

The following are some of the Indigenous living languages that have been represented in this project at Dartmouth:

Denaakk’e – Koyukon Athabascan, Inupiaq, Lakota, Dakota, Yup’ik, Wintu, Acoma Keres, Northern Cheyenne, Narragansett, Navajo, Squaxin, Ojibwemowin, Quechua Wanka and Quechua Collao.


There is an array of Indigenous languages and culture within the history of Dartmouth, as well as represented by the diversity of the current Native community. It is our hope that more stakeholders in Indigenous languages participate in this project.

Results of this project include the benefit of fellowship amongst Indigenous peoples at Dartmouth and support of individual and collective efforts on Native language issues, as well as the following products identified by participants at this time,

1. Intellectual discussion through colloquia on topics such as the role of linguistics in Native language revitalization, bilingual education, language and national political agendas, community-based efforts and international models of  language revitalization, Native languages and cultures in governance and sovereignty.

2. Linking Dartmouth coursework with Indigenous community language priorities through increased scholarly engagement with community-identified needs.

3. Advocacy in the arena of policy development and policy implementation, such as participation in language policy and planning (LPP) within our own and other Indigenous communities

4. Demonstrating cultural generosity to the larger Dartmouth community by sharing the diversity of our language cultures with others through meaningful community engagement.

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