Schedule for the 2010 Spring Term

Weekly meetings are held every Sunday at 1:30pm at the NAH, 35 North Main Street


Weekly Meetings:

April 11: First Meeting of the Term. Set some goals for the term and shared ideas.

April 18: Made plans to become Dartmouth College COSO recognized.

Mini Language Lesson: Acoma from Brittany ’11

Native Food: Acoma style dish, Rachel Bond

April 25: Alaskan languages Film and discussion

Mini Language Lesson: Lushootseed, Benjamin ’11

Native Food: Smoked Salmon, Benjamin

May 2: Visit from Anthropology Professor and discussion, plan for COSO recognition, talk about Powwow Signs

Mini Language Lesson: Inupiaq, Anna ’12


Other Relevant Dates:

April 6: Linguistics Colloquium in Reed 104

“Resilience Linguistics: Revitalizing Indigenous Languages” by David Bradley, Linguistics Program, La Trobe University, Australia

April 19: Linguistics
Colloquium  in Reed 104

“Language Change, Shift and Endangerment in a Garifuna Speech Community in Belize” by Maya Ravindranath, University of New Hampshire

May 8, 9: 38th Annual Dartmouth Powwow on the Dartmouth Green



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